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Why It’s Time to Buy What You Stand For

December 13, 2022

At this year’s LA Fashion Week (LAFW), several leading sustainability experts including Luc Berlin, Founder of Miigle+, an AI-driven social impact platform, gathered to discuss the topic The Stories We Wear, and how fashion can be a force for good.

Berlin encouraged consumers to think about the issues in the world that break their hearts, problems they feel helpless, overwhelmed by or disengaged from. Berlin talked about why technology has a role to play in solving big social and environmental problems, and that his company Miigle+ will allow consumers to shop according to what they stand for, and wear what they stand for. He also voiced how the current destructive consumerism paradigm needs to change to a purpose-driven cause-sumersim model, where every dollar spent is helping, not hurting people and the planet. 

Berlin spoke about how the tides are changing. Consumers are being empowered via technology. Whether because of political differences, or stances on social issues, or concerns about environmental impact, people are expressing themselves not only with their voices, but with their wallets. Furthermore, a quarter of Americans are boycotting a product or company they had spent money on in the past, according to a survey from online loan marketplace LendingTree.

Berlin commented, “People are becoming more conscious about where to spend their money or not spend it, but you have to make it very easy for them because we are all so busy, and it is hard for buyers to know which brands are ethical. Miigle+ does the leg-work for them.”

With Miigle+ consumers only need to download its Chrome browser extension, and then it does the rest by serving people ethical brand alternatives. Or, consumers can go on our site and shop by their values.


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