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M+ is a platform that fosters conscious consumerism by leveraging artificial intelligence to help consumers find sustainable brands at the point of research or purchase.

The M+ iOS app puts the benefit of our platform in the palm of your hands through a simple and user friendly experience.

The M+ Chrome Extension automatically suggests social good brands and products to people while shopping online.

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Featuring 450+ brands, it’s the most comprehensive online directory for social good brands.

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A socially curated ecommerce platform where consumers can discover, shop and share their favorite social good products while engaging directly with brands and connecting with like-minded people.


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The business of sustainability is moving fast


Shopping has the power to solve some of our biggest social and environmental problems. Everyone can play a role.


Empowered Consumers

Shopping is ubiquitous; it's a powerful action that happens all over the world to give people access to things they need but with also the potential to solve some of our biggest social and environmental problems.


4 / 22

As a 4 / 22 company, Miigle+ is committed to contribute 4% of our profit and up to 22% of staff time towards social and environmental causes worldwide.



To us + is more than a mathematical symbol. It is a reminder that positive impact can be hard but with vision + action + perseverance + by working together, we can all play a role in making the world a better place.


Social Responsibility

We aim to form partnerships with the following praise-worthy organisations: African Wildlife Foundation, 1% For The Planet, Certified B Corporations,, The Nature Conservancy, and Planet Aid.