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The Mission Behind The Brand: Introducing KuliKuli Inc.

November 30, 2022

KuliKuli Inc was created to nourish both women and Planet Earth through naturally energizing, nutritious and sustainable plants. The health and wellness of their customers is always their top priority, which is why they only use the highest quality ingredients in all of their products.

This is crucial for the brand and its creators because they want to be sure that their customers get the most out of their purchases. All of their products are sustainable, so you can feel good that you’re supporting a company working to make a difference.

The Moringa Tree Impact Strategy

Wanting to pioneer the plants of the future, KuliKuli started using the Moringa to create their products. They partner with local entrepreneurs to create sustainable supply chains and empower women by creating economic opportunities.

KuliKuli only sources from small farmers with whom they have a personal relationship with to get the best quality products.

Regenerative agricultural practices lie at the heart of their business. This means working with farmers to help them implement agroforestry, which is when trees are grown alongside crops. This not only helps to restore degraded land, but also results in higher yields for farmers.

As such, KuliKuli positively impacts the planet and the people who live on it. Their products are delicious, nutritious and sustainable.

More on the Moringa Tree

With ongoing technical assistance and flexible payment terms,  Kuli Kuli is committed to making Moringa a viable and sustainable crop for smallholder farmers.

Moringa has a high protein, calcium, iron and vitamin C, making it a perfect addition to any diet. So, KuliKuli's products are a simple and easy way to get in all of the benefits of this superfood.

The Moringa Tree has been shown to not only provide protection from the wind and prevent erosion but also assimilate as much as 20 times more carbon dioxide than general vegetation.

What Makes the KuliKuli the Brand

The following are just some of the reasons KuliKuli is an exceptional company.

Certified organic

Being organic certified is very important to KuliKuli. This is because they want to ensure that their products are of the highest quality and meet all organic standards. To be certified, a company must go through a rigorous process and meet all of the requirements the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) sets.

Strict supplier testing standards

KuliKuli has a set of standards that all suppliers must meet to be considered. These standards ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used in their products.

Only harvest Moringa Leaves

One thing that makes KuliKuli unique is that they only harvest Moringa leaves. The leaves contain the most nutrients and are the best part of the plant to use.

Sourcing from remote and rural areas

Another thing that makes KuliKuli unique is that they source their Moringa from remote and rural areas. These types of areas are often neglected, but KuliKuli is working to change that.

The livelihood of both farmers and women in such areas is improved by providing them with such an economic opportunity. Not only does this improve the quality of life for those in the areas, but it also helps to preserve the culture.

Direct farmer relationships

KuliKuli has direct relationships with all of its farmers. This allows them to get the best quality moringa and ensures that the farmers are paid a fair price.

Inspected in the USA

All of KuliKuli's products are inspected in the USA, ensuring they meet the highest safety and quality standards.

Temperature-controlled drying to maximize nutrients

Using a temperature-controlled drying process is another great process this company goes through. This helps preserve the nutrients in the Moringa so that customers get the most out of it.

Empowering Female Farmers

Through their work with small farmers and women's cooperatives, KuliKuli is empowering female farmers and helping to create sustainable supply chains.

The ability to challenge the status quo and introduce new products to the market sets KuliKuli apart from other companies. Their products are delicious, nutritious and sustainable. 

With its innovative approach to agriculture and business, it’s safe to say that KuliKuli is positively impacting the world.


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