The Miigle+ Indiegogo Campaign is Live

July 9, 2017

The past couple of days have been quite eventful here at Miigle+ and today we are excited to announce that our Miigle+ Indiegogo campaign is now live!

Why an Indiegogo campaign?

Sure, we are a Technology company but our vision and mission has always been about People. We just don’t want to build a smart platform that makes it easier for anyone to shop ethically, we most importantly want to inspire, empower and foster a global community of socially conscious consumers and brands.

Therefore, following the launch of the Miigle+ Chrome browser extension, we thought it only fitting that the next phase of our product development not be one locked-up in a virtual room with a sign that reads “Stealth Mode” but rather openly share our vision, process, story and challenges with the world and give people an opportunity to be part of the incredible movement of Conscious Consumerism.

It is our firm belief that people want to be part of solutions not problems and our Miigle+ Indiegogo campaign serves as our call to action to anyone who believes that we (people + businesses) share the moral obligation to take care of one another, to build better societies, to protect the environment, to feed the hungry and educate both little boys and girls wherever they may live.

The Miigle+ Mobile App that we are featuring in our Indiegogo campaign will transform not only the way people shop but also their perception of consumerism. It will pave a way for up-and-coming ethical brands to more easily connect with consumers while incentivizing established brands to adopt a Do Good business model. Most importantly it will show consumers than the real power lies with them and their wallets.

So, this is not just a crowdfunding campaign, this is a crowdrising campaign.

Join us in turning consumerism into cause-sumerism by supporting our campaign now.