Miigle+ Launches “M+ Brand Pages” Portal: Official Press Release

November 7, 2022

Miigle+ Upends - Costly Digital Marketing Models in the Conscious Consumer Space by Launching “M+ Brand Pages” Portal

--Free Holiday Trial Available to Help Make This a “GOOD” Season for Ethical Retailers--

Los Angeles, CA; November 7, 2022 – Just in time for the holiday shopping season, social impact AI-driven technology company Miigle+ unveils the first online marketing solution dedicated to sustainable brands. The “M+ Brand Pages” portal will provide retailers direct access to target conscious consumer audiences, supported by a unique ethical brand ‘A-la-Carte SaaS’ subscription model. The portal has been designed to be a cost-effective, flexible alternative to the highly priced existing CPM (Cost-per-Impression), CPC (Cost-per-Click), and Affiliate (Sales Commission) models. All ethical retailers are offered a 90-day free trial, between November 7th to December 25th, to help them have a prosperous Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday season.

Conscious consumers care passionately about the stories behind ethical brands’ purpose and work.Miigle+ is enabling retailers to easily showcase their cause, and their values so consumers can shop for what they stand for; an important trend with 9 out of 10 millennials wanting to shop this way. This will help form an emotional connection to customers, engender loyalty and yield a higher lifetime value, in terms of revenue for these brands.

The free features that the M+ Brand Pages provide to sustainable retailers include:
o Real-estate with their own branded storefronts - to tell their story, share their social impact mission, results, seasonal promotions, merchandising trends, and content (i.e., images and video).
o Publishing capabilities - one relevant article with up to 1,000 words a month.
o A preferred listing on Miigle+’s AI-driven Chrome Extension, and thus its search results.

o A branded gateway for consumers to go to their websites, and soon, shop directly from our platform.
o A self-managing tool - to make it quick and easy to create and update their M+ Page.

Here is an example of a M+ Brand Page for Ace Rivington: https://www.miigle.com/brand/ace-rivington

“Simply put...offline, good shop-front merchandising is the best 'silent' salesperson. We want to equip ethical brands with the right online merchandising tools,” said Miigle+’s Founder & CEO Luc Berlin. “Yet both offline and online, socially conscious brands are increasingly relying on expensive marketing channels which are saturated by bigger brands. Until now, there has been no dedicated online marketing technology that allows brands to affordably target socially conscious consumers.

The self-service M+ Brand Pages portal approach is also integral to Miigle+’s larger product development strategy; to have the largest directory of ethical brands, which will consist of 2,000 brands by the end of the year.

After the free trial ends on December 25th, Miigle+’s A-la-Carte SaaS portal will offer tiered models. https://www.miigle.com/submit-your-brand. The recommended M+ Brand Page, with all the features cited above, costs $25 a month, or a discounted annual rate of $240. For this low flat monthly fee, ethical brands get access to Miigle+’s platform and traffic is redirected back to their website with no commissions taken on sales. The subscriptions are not binding and can be cancelled at any time.

Berlin concluded, “CPC and CPM models are a death trap for ethical sustainable brands. You pay a lot for traffic that doesn’t convert. Likewise, the affiliate model is cumbersome and inefficient for both retailers and affiliates. I know this because I have been in Tech Marketing for more than 15 years and these models are chosen reluctantly by advertisers because there’s no alternative. Miigle+ wants to work for brands, not against them by providing integrated marketing and sales tools. Therefore, I intend to introduce a new paradigm, for the better, in the sustainable shopping category.”

Beau Lawrence of Ace Rivington said, “It is incredibly difficult and expensive to find socially conscious consumers when relying on existing marketing channels like paid search or social media, where there’s a lot of noise to rise above. Secondly, the conversion rates are quite low, in average below 10%, which means there’s a lot of money spent that doesn’t really impact our revenue. This creates a very challenging environment, especially for sustainable brands like us in a space saturated by traditional brands. I love the way Miigle+ is helping to bring qualified customers to our very own page, which we have control of, and the flexibility of their business model removes barriers of entry and allows us to leverage the platform as we see fit, for our objectives.”


About Miigle+

Miigle+ (www.miigle.com) is a conscious consumerism community platform, at the intersection of artificial intelligence, ecommerce, and social impact. With its AI-driven chrome extension browser, Miigle+ recommends ethical alternatives to consumers, from anywhere they shop online and directs them to ethical brands. Its mission is to turn consumption into cause-sumption, by driving sustainability through the purchasing power of consumers. Miigle+ will empower shoppers to buy according to their values, using proven technologies that make it easy to discover, browse, and buy from the largest database of ethical brands, with convenience and confidence.

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