Miigle+ hires Eco-Age: Official Press Release

October 24, 2022

Miigle+ hires sustainability and communications consultancy Eco-Age, to redefine consumerism to “Cause-sumerism”, using AI technology to impact consumer behaviours for the benefit of allmankind and the future of our planet.

Los Angeles, CA; September 26, 2022 - Social impact AI-driven technology company Miigle+ has appointed Eco-Age as its retained agency. Eco-Age will manage strategic partnerships and communications for the business, based in both Los Angeles, California and London, England.

The new partnership will raise awareness among the public of the importance of leveraging people’s purchasing power to buy from and support ethical brands, connect ethical brands to consumers, and to incentivize traditional brands to adopt a social good business model.

Miigle+ is on a mission to empower people to use their purchasing power for good and make it the easiest way for consumers to find, shop and support products from socially conscious and eco-friendly brands making a positive difference.

The future of eCommerce will be sustainable shopping; but consumers are currently frustrated, and not getting their ethical shopping needs met. Gen Z and Millennials (people aged 4 to 40) are the biggest and most influential combined consumer groups that demand to shop sustainably. Miigle+ has created an AI-driven chrome browser extension install that serves-up sustainable brand alternatives, from anywhere consumers search online, and is building an ecosystem model that will makes it efficient for consumers to buy, in one place, from the largest directory of sustainable brands whose values align with their own. Miigle+ also intends to let consumers experience (via AR and VR) the positive social impact their pro-social spending yields.

Eco-Age has been brought on to further develop the company’s sustainability strategy and projects as well as expand on its presence in the UK, Europe, and North America.

Harriet Vocking, Chief Brand Officer at Eco-Age said, “It’s complicated for consumers to shop consciously, and we are always looking for solutions. We are looking forward to working with Miigle+ to advance its global reach, and ultimately drive change towards a more equitable, accessible, and sustainable economy.”

Luc Berlin, Founder of Miigle+ said, “Consumerism is broken. We're re-engineering it into a force forGOOD using Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will collapse the current consumer intent-to-action inefficiencies in ethical shopping. Consumer spending has the power to solve some of our biggest social and environmental problems. Everyone can play a role by shopping for what THEY stand for.We’re looking forward to partnering with Eco-Age, a pioneer in progressive sustainability solutions, to empower consumers to spark positive change through the power of their pocketbooks, and there by support the entire ethical brand ecosystem.”


About Miigle+

Miigle+ (www.miigle.com) is a purpose-driven technology company at the intersection of artificial intelligence, ecommerce, and social impact. Miigle+ recommends ethical alternatives to consumers, from anywhere they shop online. Its mission is to turn consumption into cause-sumption, by driving sustainability through the purchasing power of consumers. Miigle+ will empower shoppers to buy according to their values, using proven technologies that make it easy to discover, browse, and buy from the largest database of ethical brands, with convenience and confidence.

About Eco-Age

Eco-Age is a specialist sustainability and communications agency. We are a leading and trusted voice, expert in bringing positive, sustainable change to key audiences.

Our evidence-led sustainability narratives and programmes of change resonate with both consumers and industry insiders. Over the last decade we have honed specific expertise in supply-chains, textiles, impact measurement, internal and external communications, PR (Public Relations) and event-planning.The programmes that we develop are aligned with international best practice and feed into global targets. This means the change that we help to activate is real and substantive.

Contact details

Los Angeles, USA:
Helen Malani
VP Communications & Partnerships

Miigle+ Inc.

[email protected]

London, UK:

Harriet Vocking

Chief Brand Officer


[email protected]