Miigle+ Becomes the Earth’s Largest AI-driven Sustainable Shopping Platform With 2,000 Brands

February 2, 2023

Los Angeles, California; January 23, 2023] – Today, Miigle+, an AI-driven social impact technology company, has announced the growth of its marketplace to 2,000 ethical brands, across twelve categories, making it the world’s biggest sustainability shopping destination. Its breadth and depth of brands will make the discovery and purchasing from sustainable brands the easiest solution for conscious consumers. 

By merely downloading Miigle+’s AI-driven Chrome browser extension, consumers will be presented with thousands of ethical brand alternatives from its vast directory, wherever people shop online, so they can shop for what they care about.

Nine out of 10 Millennials and Gen Z’s say they want to shop more consciously but complain is not easy and too time consuming, according to the 2020 Drapers Millennial and Gen Z Report. In response, Miigle+ is eliminating the intent-to-action consumer pain points by addressing the current “find” and the “choice” obstacles, which have been impeding the acceleration of the sustainable shopping.

Miigle+’s CEO and Founder Luc Berlin said, “The time and technology is right and ripe to make conscious shopping easy and fun - everyday. This new product development is a key milestone in our mission to turn consumerism into cause-sumerism.”

Because conscious consumers care passionately about the stories behind ethical brands’ purpose, and they want to shop for what they stand for, Miigle+  is also enabling all ethical retailers to easily showcase their cause, and values with storefronts on its platform.  This will help consumers quickly and easily shop in alignment with the issues they care about most.

“What’s significant and exciting about becoming the largest marketplace for AI-driven sustainable shopping is giving people a massive array of choice, thus enabling consumers to buy according to their values, a new lifestyle phenomenon in consumerism. We are helping change the paradigm of consumerism by facilitating a new movement of buying from brands that are committed to sustainability, not just selling products,” concluded Berlin.

Recent research cites that 82% of shoppers want a brand’s values to align with their own, and they will vote with their wallet if they do not feel a match. Three-quarters of shoppers reported parting ways with a brand over a conflict in values. 

Miigle+’s marketplace allows people to shop according to values such as Fair Trade, Women’s Empowerment, B-Corp Certified, 100% Organic Cotton, and other causes.


About Miigle+

Miigle+ (www.miigle.com) is a conscious consumerism community marketplace, at the intersection of artificial intelligence, ecommerce, and social impact. With its AI-driven chrome extension browser, Miigle+ recommends ethical alternatives to consumers, from anywhere they shop online and directs them to ethical brands. Its mission is to turn consumption into cause-sumption, by driving sustainability through the purchasing power of consumers. Miigle+ empowers shoppers to buy according to their values, using proven technologies that make it easy to discover, browse, and buy from the largest database of ethical brands, with convenience, choice and confidence. 

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