Luc Berlin featured on CauseArtist’s List of Social Entrepreneurs to Watch For in 2018

February 23, 2018

Life of a Social Entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur has been written about, philosophized, broken down into dos and don’ts, talked about in motivational speeches and has been examined from every angle. But no one truly knows how difficult it is to envision a dream bigger than ourselves and work at day in and day out until they have lived the life of an entrepreneur.

And the one piece of advice we hear from others living the entrepreneurial life: Celebrate the little wins. So we are doing just that. We are humbled and grateful for a shoutout on Causeartist. And we are celebrating this well-deserved honor for our founder, Luc Berlin, for making it on Causeartist’s list of 36 Social Entrepreneurs to Watch for in 2018!

Luc has put his blood, sweat and tears into creating Miigle+ so we can celebrate and champion all the other entrepreneurs out there who are changing the way business is done for the better. And we will continue to work hard to create technology that allows consumers to discover and shop brands that are paying it forward and doing good in the world.

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