Toys that create sustainable jobs and replenish the rainforest.

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Tegu builds toys that create sustainable jobs and replenish the rainforest.

Tegu is a pioneering wooden toy company designing products that unleash the power of little imaginations.Tegu was born out of a passion for people. Brothers Chris and Will Haughey soon discovered that Honduras was home to beautiful sustainably-harvested tropical hardwoods. When they came upon the classic wooden toys of Europe during a trip to Germany, the pieces came together - and they formed Tegu, the brand now renowned for its magnetic wooden block sets loved by kids and adults alike.Designed to foster curiosity and expand a child’s imagination, these safe, durable, eco-friendly hardwood blocks are just perfect for little hands. The brand is committed to using its business to do good in one of the world’s poorest nations. Tegu established its own fully independent factory just outside Tegucigalpa [often referred to as Tegu], the capital of Honduras, creating jobs for hundreds of locals.When you purchase Tegu toys you are helping to create sustainable jobs and replenish sadly depleted and abused rainforests. Tegu work with local Honduran cooperatives who individually hand pick each mature tree for use. By paying employees a fair living wage and prioritizing long term career growth and development, Tegu are bringing world class employment standards to Central America, and creating hope for the future.

“We believe that every child possesses the unhindered ability to build, create, and imagine. They aren’t only creating towering block structures and backyard tree forts, they are building their futures. Inside each Tegu block we pack the power to dream about that future.”

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