Helly Hansen

Born by the sea, raised by the mountains, fighting for mother nature.

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A Norwegian activewear brand that contributes to sustaining oceans, mountains and forests and minimizing climate change.

The Scandinavian brand was founded in 1877 by Norwegian sea captain Helly Juell Hansen. It began by selling professional grade outerwear and active apparel for all ages, with a focus on the needs of professionals, core athletes, enthusiasts and adventurers alike.Helly Hansen has now become one of the most recognized and respected brands in the industry. Inspired by living and working in the world’s harshest environments, the brand is now sold in over 40 countries and is trusted by outdoor professionals and enthusiasts all over the globe.In partnership with Bluesign.com, they work to improve the sustainability of the entire supply chain from energy usage, emissions and water usage.Helly Hansen is committed to driving change in the world of design, development, materials and productions. They contribute to sustaining oceans, mountains and forests and minimizing climate change so that we, and future generations can enjoy the great outdoors and all it has to offer.

"The heritage from Helly Juell Hansen is still our cornerstone. Helly Hansen’s core values include authenticity, dynamism, honesty, integrity, teamwork, and pride in our heritage."

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