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Submitting a Social Good Brand or Product on Miigle+

June 5, 2017

A key objective of us building Miigle+ was to make it easier for people to discover amazing brands that match their social or environmental values. That said, we also believed that the best way to succeed in that initiative was to allow people to submit brands or products that they also thought should be listed on the platform. We are building more than just an application that helps people shop more ethically, we are also building a community of likeminded people willing to exchange ideas, knowledge and information on how to turn consumerism into a force for social good.

This post details the process for submitting your favorite social good, eco or vegan-friendly brands or products to be added to the platform for the benefit of everyone:

  1. Visit www.miigle.com and install the Miigle+ Browser Extension by clicking on the "Download Extension" button on our homepage
  2. Log into the extension by using your Facebook or Twitter account
  3. To submit a brand go click on the shopping cart icon, as you scroll down you'll be asked if you'd like to submit a brand you know
  4. To submit a product for a brand, click on the "Add Product" button on the brand page

Great, you've submitted a brand or product on Miigle+! Now what?

A member of our research team investigates every brand or product submission to make sure that they meet our guidelines to be posted on the platform. The length of this investigation will usually depend on how much readily available information there is about the brand, mostly on the Internet. You'll receive an email notification at the end of our research on whether or not the brand or product has been added.

Happy submissions!


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