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Beautifully-crafted heirloom goods that sustain artisans in Africa.

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Rose & Fitzgerald is a luxury artisanal contemporary home goods and jewelry store sourced and produced in Africa.

Rose & Fitzgerald's journey began when founders Courtney and Laren Poole relocated from San Diego, California to Kampala, Uganda. Laren was working on a peacekeeping and reconciliation project in East and Central Africa. It gave his wife, Courtney, a chance to discover what she wanted to do with her life.“I constantly dreamed of doing something I was truly passionate about – work that gave me greater purpose and fulfillment” she says.Having always harbored ambitions about starting up a small craft and design business, Courtney was inspired by the local Kampalan artisans selling uniquely-made goods on craft stalls. She began designing products herself, specifically to decorate the new family home.“That's when the light bulb went off,” she says. “I realized that I wanted to share this beautiful part of the world with others who value handmade products from native, natural materials.”So Rose & Fitzgerald was born in Uganda in 2013 – a company with a mission to supply goods made in and influenced by Africa to those with a penchant for handmade crafts.Unlike many companies that source goods overseas cheaply from factories and suppliers exploiting their workforce, Rose & Fitzgerald work closely with a specially selected team of workers. All staff are paid a fair wage and efforts are made to make the work environment as pleasant and sustainable as possible. Rose & Fitzgerald also work closely with other ethical workshops across Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, only partnering with those who adhere to a strict set of standards.All product materials are sourced locally. This makes the company more sustainable and also gives the products a luxurious, local feel. Materials include Ankole horn, palm leaf, pure brass, Mugavu and Teak wood, leather and organic cotton.According to Courtney, the motto of Rose & Fitzgerald is “Want better, not more”.

“I love supporting brands with an emphasis on handmade or with initiatives like sustainable job creation, empowerment and the environment.” -Courtney Poole, Co-founder

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